Bell Alarm Clock by Industrial Facility

The back of the Bell clock is a large metal bell, which acts as its alarm signal. 

Bell offers the best of analogue and electronic worlds. It features a very accurate battery operated precision quartz movement. The alarm action is by a hammer and bell that creates a very load ring reminiscent of a traditional alarm clock. The clock benefits from not having to be wound and has no ticking sound.

Its interface follows the rigorous simplicity that Industrial Facility and designer Sam Hecht are known for. Alarm and time adjustment are at the back, along with on/off alarm control. A snooze button is at the top. The display is moulded rather than printed. Bell also incorporates an LED light positioned at number 7 that automatically comes on when the alarm is activated, and can also be operated by the snooze button.

100 x 95 x 57mm

ABS plastic, painted steel, polycarbonate lens.
1.5v AA battery included.

Black in stock. 2-3 days

£54.00 GBP

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