Accessories for Black Friday 10%

Clip Clip by Hay - haus®
Hand Painted Egg Cups - haus®
Dish Drainer by Hay - haus®
Utility Scissors by Hay - haus®
Restore Felt Basket by Muuto - haus®
Sowden Bottle by Hay - haus®
Time Hourglass by Hay - haus®
String - Organisers - haus®
Brass Scissors by Hay
Chopping Board by Hay
Toolbox by Vitra
Borosilicate Mug by Hay
Pestle and Mortar by Robert Welch
Moomin Mugs by Tove Jansson
Cane Key Ring by Hay
Laundry Basket by Hay
The Dots Coat Hooks Singles by Muuto
Flo Grinder by Wireworks
Tea Towel by Hay
Rhom Trivet by Hay
Magnet Dots by Vitra
Totem Candle by Areaware
Knot by Hay
The Dots Coat Hooks Set of 5 by Muuto
Cap Bottle Opener by Hay
Concrete Bowls by Stephan Schulz
EM77 Electric Kettle 1.5L by Stelton
Emma Electric Kettle 1.2 L by Stelton
Tree Trunk Vase by Hay
Door Mat by Hay
Baby's First Eames by Downtown Bookworks
Corkframe Landscape by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Wooden Dolls by Vitra
Raami Tumbler by Iittala
Optic Black Table Tiles by Areaware
Cubebot by David Weeks
Wooden Ruler by Hay
Bullet Pen by Hay
Volet Hook by Hay
Water Glass by Jasper Morrison
Anything Office Accessories by Hay
Green and Grey Table Tiles by Areaware
Drink Rocks - Shapes by Runa Klock
Flare Candleholder by Hay
Birdball Peanut Feeder by Green and Blue
Sip Straw by Hay
Eames House Bird by Vitra
Nutcracker by Robert Welch
Optic White Table Tiles by Areaware
Goblet by Alessi
Hang it All Walnut by Vitra
Merry Tree
Tela Glass by Hay
Essence Red Wine Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Eames Elephant by Charles and Ray Eames
Paper Paper Bin by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay
Edge Vase by Stilleben
Concrete Table Tiles by Areaware
Marbled Cup by Hay
Decanter by Antonio Citterio for Iittala
Heima 4 Armed candlestick
Brutal London Book by Simon Phipps
Candles by Hay
Birdball by Green and Blue
Bottle Grinders by Menu
Dough Scraper by Iris Hantverk
Corkframe Portrait by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Corkframe Square by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Phi Scissors from Hay
Red and Blue Table Tiles by Areaware
Rotary Tray by Vitra
Lempi Set of 2 Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Edge Mug by Skagerak
Theo Coffee Maker by Francis Cayouette
Groove Trivets by Muuto
Orb Grinder by Case
Trove Box by Case
Collective Tools Serving Spoon by Iittala
Dryp Drying Rack by Skagerak
O-Tidy by Vitra
Terracotta Pitcher by Another Country
Cross Tray by Pia Wallen
Prep Set by Falcon Enamelware
French Press Coffee Maker by Stelton