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Accent Cushion by Muuto - haus®
Alcoa Pitcher by Form and Refine - haus®
Alcoa Tray by Form and Refine - haus®
Analog Clock by Hay - haus®
Badger Head by Fiona Walker - haus®
Bathroom Set by Vincent Van Duysen for When Objects Work - haus®
Birdball Peanut Feeder by Green and Blue - haus®
Birdball Seed Feeder by Green and Blue - haus®
Bookstops by Klaus Hackl
Botanical Family Brass Pot by Hay
Bottle Grinder with Beech Lid by Menu
Bowl by John Pawson for When Objects Work
Cartwheel Candle Holder by Form and Refine
Chop Board by Skagerak
Collective Tools Serving Set by Iittala
Concrete Desk Set by Magnus Pettersen
Corkframe Square by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Crocodile Head by Fiona Walker
10% OFF
Cross Children Blanket by Pia Wallen
Decanter by Antonio Citterio for Iittala
Dot Cushion Steelcut Trio by Hay
Drop Candlestick by Case
Eclectic Cushion by Hay
Edge Vase by Stilleben
EM77 Electric Kettle 1.5L by Stelton
Flo Grinder by Wireworks
Form Seat Cushion by Normann Copenhagen
Fox Head by Fiona Walker
French Press Coffee Maker by Stelton
Goblet by John Pawson for When Objects Work
Gold XXXL Time Hourglass by Hay
Graphic Print Pillow - Love by Vitra
Graphic Print Pillow - Snake by Vitra
Groove Plate by Muuto
Groove Trivets by Muuto
Hare Head by Fiona Walker
Heima 4 Armed candlestick
Hook by Hay
Industry Candlestick by Matthew Hilton
Iris Vase by Hay
J104 Cushion by Hay
J41 Cushion by Hay
J42 Seat Pad by Hay
J77 Cushion by Hay
Kastehelmi Cake Stand by Iittala
Kettle by George Sowden for Hay
KnifeForkSpoon by Alessi
Knot by Hay
Knot No. 2 by Hay
Krenit Bowl Tall by Normann Copenhagen
Kuru Ceramic Vessels by Iittala
L'Oiseau by Vitra
Little Devil by Vitra
London Taxi by Magis
15% OFF
Loom Throw by Muuto
Marbled Jug by Hay
Maya Cutlery by Stelton
Medium Coffee Pot by Hay
Mono Blanket by Hay
Moose Head by Fiona Walker
Nappula Pillar Candleholder by Iittala
Nomad Box by Skagerak
Nomad Tray by Skagerak
Nordic 20cm Bowl by Skagerak
Nordic 32cm Bowl by Skagerak
Nordic Salad Servers by Skagerak
Nordic Serving Plate by Skagerak
Norr Tray by Skagerak
Open Candelabra by Muuto
Orb Grinder by Case
Palissade Quilted Cushion by Hay
Palissade Seat Cushion by Hay
Paper Porcelain Vase by Hay
Pepe le Moko by Alessi
Pieces of Time by Ding 3000
Plate by When Objects Work
Platform Tray by Muuto
Prep Set by Falcon Enamelware
Push Coffee Maker by Muuto
Raami Carafe 1L by Iittala
Raami Oval Serving Platter by Iittala
Raami Serving Bowl by Iittala
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