New and Selected Products

System Ultra Shelving by Poul Cadovius for DK3 - haus®
Raami Teapot by Iittala - haus®
Cover Lounge Chair by Muuto - haus®
Octo Small 4241 by Secto Design - haus®
R40 Mirror by Sebastian Wrong for Owl - haus®
Hang it All Walnut by Vitra - haus®
CH33P Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn - haus®
Agnes High Shelving Unit by SCP - haus®
Tribeca Warren Wall Lamp by Menu
Gravity Table Lamp by Gubi
Mono Blanket by Hay
Lampe Gras 205 by La Lampe Gras
Lamino Lounger by Swedese
Splash Vase by Hay
Magnet Dots by Vitra
Bellhop Portable by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby for Flos
Enfold Sideboard Tall by Muuto
EM77 Electric Kettle 1.5L by Stelton
Jewellery Box by Menu
CH24 Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn
Revolver Stool Low by Hay
Pebble Rug by Muuto
The East End in Colour 1960-1980 by Hoxton Mini Press
Tactile Sideboard by Punt
Pouf by Fritz Hansen
Afteroom Coat Hanger Small by Menu
Mariposa Butterfly Leather Chair by Cuero
Filigrana Light by Established & Sons
Lempi Set of 2 Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Multi-Lite by Gubi
Cirque Pendant Light Grey by Louis Poulsen
Orb Grinder by Case
Trove Box by Case
Outline Sofa with Chaise Longue by Muuto
IC T1 Low by Flos
Concrete Tape Dispenser by Magnus Pettersen
Tribeca Staple Wall Lamp by Menu
J42 Chair by Hay
Palissade Cone Table Round by Hay
Restore Felt Basket by Muuto
Cutter Mini Wardrobe by Skagerak
Yuh Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen
Wooden Cat Doll by Vitra
Wrongwoods Low Cabinet by Established & Sons
Mags Modular Sofa Units by Hay
NJP Table Lamp by nendo for Louis Poulsen
Aplomb Large Pendant Lamp by Foscarini
Poster Stool 60 by Artek
Optic Black Table Tiles by Areaware
Max Bill Wall Clock by Junghans
Building Table by Skagerak
Halves Side Table by Muuto
Outline Sofa by Muuto
Rest Studio Sofa by Muuto
Peg Rail by Another Country
Tip Table Lamp by Muuto
Teelo 8020 by Secto Design
Saucer Bubble Light by Herman Miller
Hven Armchair by Skagerak
Zero-In Table by Established & Sons
Spindle Rug by Case
Bottle Grinders by Menu
Restore Tray by Muuto
Tile Cushion by Muuto
Folded Shelves by Muuto
Randaccio Wall Mirror by Gubi
Sussex Sideboard by Punt
A330S Pendant Light by Artek
Crown Light by Nemo
Checked Out Blanket by Hay
Ambit Rail by Muuto
Corkframe Square by Noel Batt & John Harrington
VL38 Wall Lamp White by Louis Poulsen
Semi Pendant Metallic by Gubi
Tip Ton by Vitra
Corkframe Landscape by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Edge Vase by Stilleben
Accent Cushion by Muuto
CH23 Dining Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn
Workshop Chair by Muuto
Cork Family by Vitra