Cork Grips by Green and Blue

Grown on trees cork grips are a natural alternative to plastic and silicone. Cork's durable cushioning and anti bacterial properties make it the perfect material for bike grips. They are hand made from harvested Portuguese cork from managed forests. Cork oak bark is peeled off the trees by hand every 7-9 years helping to prolong their life and leaving them unharmed. Our grips use cork punched straight from the bark leaving the natural character intact. 


How to fit them
1. Remove existing handlebar grips
2. Clean the handlebar
3. Ensure handlebar is free from grease, then push grips onto the bar, rotating them at the same time.
4. The grips need to be a tight fit and not rotate when riding
5. You may need a use a bead of household glue to help secure them.

35mm Diameter


In stock 2-3 days

£19.95 GBP

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