Gifts for Kids

Blue and Green Gradient Puzzle by Areaware - haus®
Red and Yellow Gradient Puzzle by Bryce Wilner for Areaware - haus®
Corkframe Landscape by Noel Batt & John Harrington - haus®
Corkframe Square by Noel Batt & John Harrington
Wishbone Good Luck Charm by Areaware
Yellow and Green Snake Blocks by Areaware
Blue and Pink Snake Blocks by Areaware
Pink and Beige Snake Blocks by Areaware
Cubebot by David Weeks
Colour Puzzle by Areaware
Zoo Timers by Vitra
Moose Head by Fiona Walker
Crocodile Head by Fiona Walker
Badger Head by Fiona Walker
Hare Head by Fiona Walker
Fox Head by Fiona Walker
Mother Fish & Child by Vitra
Wooden Monkey by Kay Bojesen
Moon by Atomic Printworks
Space Shuttle by Atomic Printworks
Jupiter by Atomic Printworks
Solar System by Atomic Printworks
Hand Painted Pencil Holder
Hand Painted Egg Cups
Mini Facemaker by Miller Goodman
Eames Elephant by Charles and Ray Eames
Small Eames Elephant by Vitra
Animal Box - Rhino by Karl Zahn
Animal Box - Bull by Karl Zahn
Cross Children Blanket by Pia Wallen
Wooden Ruler by Hay
London Bus by Magis
London Taxi by Magis
Small Magnetic Frame by Walk With Me