We are pleased to offer a totally unique Gift List service for Weddings and other events.

With great products from all the leading design brands, your list can include anything from our manufacturers ranges. A wonderful opportunity to collect some things you will be sure to keep and enjoy for a lifetime.

We tailor an individual gift list just for you. Guests can purchase from your unique gift list page on our website, as well as by phone or in our London shop. The page can be headed with the image and text of your choice.

More expensive items (such as a special piece of furniture) can be included, with the option for your guests to buy one or more contributions, rather than a single purchase. Our Gift Vouchers can also be included.

Wedding or Gift List

Choose anything from HAUS for your personal gift list. We build your list and unique list shopping page free of charge. We can help advise on a good selection.

Gift Fund

Great for higher value items such as furniture or lighting. We can set up any of the items that you choose so that several contributions can be purchased. So for instance a £500 chair could have the option to make 10 contributions, each of £50.This allows you to place some higher value items on your gift list, while making them still accessible to your guests.

Gift Vouchers

Our Gift vouchers enable you to select exactly what you want after the event. Gift vouchers are great to include on any gift list.

We recommend a list includes specific items as well as vouchers for weddings, as it is more involving, but its up to you.

Benefits of placing your Gift list with HAUS

*A more interesting selection of Gifts.
*You can divide the cost of more expensive items into more manageable contributions, rather than your guests having to pay the full cost of the item. So several guests could contribute towards each gift.
*We offer extensive help and advice on planning your list, as well as the goods to be featured.
*A private Gift List page - headed by an image and text of your choice, allowing you to fully customise it in your own way - with for instance a picture and your personal message.
*As gifts are purchased in the quantity you specify from your individual selection, they automatically become greyed and unavailable to purchase, but they will still visible for other guests to see what else was on the list.
*We will email you regular updates as to who has bought what. Your guests receive confirmation of their purchases and can pass on a personal message if they choose. 
*After the wedding /event any surplus budget or Gift Vouchers can be used towards additional items.
*Free Delivery


Your Gifts can be delivered to any address you specify and we will arrange a convenient date for this with you. We offer free mainland UK delivery.
Contact us to discuss your Gift List with HAUS, we will be pleased to talk it through with you.