A new sofa is a considered investment and a decision you have to sit on for years to come. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen a selection of the most comfortable and well-made designer sofas to anchor your living space. 

Whether you're looking for a modular, compact or statement sofa, there are options for all spaces, needs and styles. 

Our bestselling designs include the Mags sofa from HAY, Offset sofa by Norm Architects for Menu and Outline sofa by Anderssen and Voll for Muuto. 

Most sofas come in a wide range of fabric and leather options. Please contact us to order swatches or book a complimentary appointment to discuss finishes with our team.

haus® is an independent and authorised UK retailer of authentic classics and contemporary European design. 

Quilton Sofa - 3 Seater - haus®
Quilton Modular Sofa - Build Your Own - haus®
Quilton Sofa - Combination 19 - haus®
Pandarine Sofa by Inga Sempé for Hay - haus®
Quilton Sofa - Combination 17 - haus®
Quilton Sofa - Combination 21 - haus®
Arbour Club Sofa by Hay - haus®
Quilton Ottoman - haus®
Arbour Sofa 2 Seater by Hay
Arbour Sofa 3 Seater by Hay
Offset 2-Seater Sofa by Norm Architects
Offset 3-Seater Sofa by Norm Architects
Mags Modular Sofa Units by Hay
Mags Soft Modular Sofa Units by Hay
Eave Modular Sofa by Norm Architects
Silhouette Sofa 2 Seater by Hay
Silhouette Sofa 3 Seater by Hay
Soft Modular Sofa by Vitra
Outline Sofa by Muuto
Outline Studio Sofa by Muuto
Outline Sofa with Chaise Longue by Muuto
Outline Corner Sofa by Muuto
Beetle Sofa by Gubi
Can 3-Seater Sofa by Hay
Can 2-Seater Sofa by Hay
Can Armchair by Hay
Little Petra VB2 Sofa by &Tradition
CH163 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
CH162 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
OW150 Daybed by Carl Hansen & Søn
CH72 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
Rest Sofa by Muuto
Rest Studio Sofa by Muuto
Connect Sofa by Muuto
Connect Soft Sofa by Muuto
Fly Sofa SC2 by &Tradition
Fly Sofa SC3 by by &Tradition
Fly Sofa SC12 by &Tradition
Fly Pouf SC9 by &Tradition
Oscar Sofa by SCP
Mariposa Sofa by Vitra
Continental Sofa by Swedese
Hackney Sofa 3 Seater by Hay
Hackney Sofa 2 seater by Hay
AAL Sofa by Hay
Happy Sofa Low Back by Swedese
Madison 2 Seater Sofa by Swedese
Madison 3 Seater Sofa by Swedese
Day Bed One by Another Country
Day Bed Four by Another Country
Sofa One by Another Country
In Situ Modular Sofa by Muuto
Mayor AJ5 Sofa by &Tradition
Mayor AJ6 Sofa by &Tradition
Nova Sofa by Swedese
Armstrong Sofa by Matthew Hilton
McQueen Sofa by Matthew Hilton
Studio Couch
Polder Sofa by Vitra
Lazy Sofa by Swedese
Quilt by Established & Sons
Oslo Sofa by Muuto
Modern Line Sofa by Gubi
Wingback Sofa by Tom Dixon
Stay Sofa by Gubi
Solo Sofa by Neri & Hu
Swan Sofa by Fritz Hansen
Mariposa Ottoman by Vitra
Oscar Ottoman by Matthew Hilton for SCP
Woodgate Sofa by SCP
Gates Sofa by Jason Miller
Favn Sofa by Fritz Hansen
Lune JH200 Two Seater Sofa by Fritz Hansen
2212 Two-Seater Sofa by Fredericia
2213 Three-Seater Sofa by Fredericia
Stay Ottoman by Gubi
Frame Medium Sofa With Arms by Neri & Hu
CH102 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
CH103 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
CH104 Sofa by Carl Hansen & Søn
Cassette Sofa by Established & Sons
Modern Line Dining Sofa by Gubi
Ori Sofa Bed by Another Country
Tearoom Sofa by Nick Ross
Loafer SC25 Sofa by &Tradition
Loafer SC26 Sofa by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition
Colemore Three Seater Sofa by Matthew Hilton for SCP
Sofa Eight by Neri & Hu
Develius Sofa by Edward van Vliet for &Tradition
Cloud Three Seater LN3.2 by &Tradition
Cloud Two Seater LN2 by &Tradition
Box Sofa by Autoban
Calmo Sofa 2 Seater by Hugo Passos
Calmo Sofa 3 Seater by Hugo Passos
JG Sofa 2 Seater by Jørgen Gammelgaard
JG Sofa 3 Seater by Jørgen Gammelgaard
Quilton Sofa - 2 Seater
Quilton Sofa - Corner Combination 24
Quilton Sofa - Corner Combination 26
Clapton Three Seat Sofa by Faudet-Harrison for SCP
VLA77 Foyer Sofa by Vilhelm Lauritzen
Slow Sofa by Another Country
Another Sofa by Another Country
Solo Daybed by Neri & Hu
Platform Sofa by Neri & Hu
Belle Reeve Sofa by Luca Nichetto
E300 Embrace Sofa by EOOS for Carl Hansen & Søn
Puffer Two Seat Sofa by Philippe Malouin for SCP
Eave 2 Seater Sofa by Norm Architects
Eave 3 Seater Sofa by Norm Architects
Odyssey Sofa by Nazanin Kamali for Case
Forum Sofa by Robin Day for Case
Element Three Seat Sofa by Philippe Malouin for SCP
Macduff Three Seat Sofa by Donna Wilson for SCP
Element Modular Sofa by Philippe Malouin for SCP