Gifts under £50

Golden Hour Mini Card by Scout Editions - haus®
Love Heart Card - Red by Vitra - haus®
Four Leaf Clover Card by Alexander Girard - haus®
Book Binder's Notebook by HAY - haus®
Utility Scissors by Hay - haus®
Clip Clip by Hay
Bullet Pen by Hay
Wooden Ruler by Hay
Almond Soap On a Rope by Iris Hantverk
Nordic Wood knife by Skagerak
Brass Scissors by Hay
Tea Towel by Falcon Enamelware
Time Hourglass by Hay
KnifeForkSpoon by Alessi
LED G9 2-3 Watt Light Bulb Dimmable
Santiago Cutlery set by Alessi
Cap Bottle Opener by Hay
Hand Painted Egg Cups
Lovisa Nail Brush by Iris Hantverk
Silicone Trivets by Ontwerperk
Tela Glass by Hay
Lemon Squeezer by Alessi
Wishbone Good Luck Charm by Areaware
Heima Tea Light Holder by Norman Copenhagen
Krenit Dish by Normann Copenhagen
Poster Stool 60 by Artek
Poster 2nd Cycle Stool 60 by Artek
Poster 2nd Cycle Pirkka Stool by Artek
Totem Candle by Areaware
Baker Brush by Iris Hantverk
Dough Scraper by Iris Hantverk
Brutal London Book by Simon Phipps
Rhom Trivet by Hay
Pestle and Mortar by Robert Welch
Moomin Mugs by Tove Jansson
Heima Block Candle Holder by Norman Copenhagen
Hand Painted Pencil Holder
Krenit Bowl Small by Normann Copenhagen
UU Tray for HAY
Volet Hook by Hay
Pencil Pouch by Walk With Me
Tea Towel by Hay
Goblet by John Pawson for When Objects Work
Mini Facemaker by Miller Goodman
Cubebot by David Weeks
Magnet Dots by Vitra
Collective Tools Butter Knife by Iittala
Green and Grey Table Tiles by Areaware
Red and Blue Table Tiles by Areaware
Optic Black Table Tiles by Areaware
Optic White Table Tiles by Areaware
Tonale Carafe by David Chipperfield for Alessi
Lempi Set of 2 Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Kettle Holder by Iris Hantverk
Small Magnetic Frame by Walk With Me
Toolbox by Vitra
Elementary No. 2 Screwdriver
Blue and Green Gradient Puzzle by Areaware
Red and Yellow Gradient Puzzle by Bryce Wilner for Areaware
Medium Magnetic Frame by Walk With Me
The Dots Coat Hooks Singles by Muuto
Big Duck Bath Brush by Iris Hantverk
Regular Pouch by Walk With Me
Goblet by Alessi
Water Glass by Jasper Morrison
Essence Champagne Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Essence Red Wine Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Essence White Wine Glasses by Alfredo Haberli
Phi Scissors from Hay
Space Shuttle by Atomic Printworks
Solar System by Atomic Printworks
Laundry Basket by Hay
Clear Glass Bottle by Hay
Chopping Board by Hay
A6 Notebook Cover by Walk With Me
Plate set by Falcon Enamelware
O-Tidy by Vitra