Possibly the most stylish and versatile shelving system available. String® was designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning. 

The structure is light weight, yet stable. We offer all String including Wood, Metal, String+, Plex, Works and Pocket shelves.

Available in different wood and painted finishes to suit every interior environment the string® system uses side panels onto which a whole range of components can be hung. These include shelves, cabinets, storage and display. The shelves come in wood or perforated metal options, with plenty of useful accessories to complete the range.

We are main dealers for string® with most components in stock for quick delivery.

String - Pocket Shelf - haus®
String - Wall Panels - haus®
String - Floor Panels - haus®
String - Plex wall panels - haus®
String - Shelves - haus®
String - Metal Shelves - haus®
String - Work Desk - haus®
String - Cabinet with Mirror doors - haus®
String - Chest with Drawers
String - Display Cabinet
String - Filing Cabinet
String - Folding Table
String - Hooks for metal shelves
String - Rods for metal shelves
String - Magazine holder
String - Magazine Shelf, Wood
String - Magazine Wire Shelf
String - Metal Shoe Shelf
String shelving - Grid for wall
String - Bowl Shelf
String - Felt Bowl shelf
String - Organisers
String - Hanger Rack
String - Coat Hangers Pack of 4
String - S Hooks
String - Metal Pocket Shelf
Museum™ by String
Museum™ Sidetable by String
String - Outdoor by String®
String - Cork Bottle Tray by String®
String - Cork Underlay by String®
String - Cork Shelf Dividers by String®
String - Vertical Hooks by String®
String - Vertical Double Hooks by String®