Covid / Brexit

Covid Restrictions

Our London shop is now open to visitors in small groups and for consultations by priority appointment:

Please buzz for entry (one customer group at a time). To be sure we can help you when you are visiting for sales advice it is best to book ahead using our online booking platform:


Most appointments will be for up to 30 minutes. Check ahead if you want to see a particular product.

Please wear a face covering and respect social distancing measures. This remains a requirement of any visit.

We are here to provide additional product information help and advice by email or phone and can arrange material samples by post.

You can read about the current restrictions here: Covid Guidance

Covid and Lead Times

Product lead times are shown on our website as a guide to what is typical. There are numerous knock on effects of the Covid pandemic on our manufacturers, their subcontractors and on freight shipping worldwide. Shortages of raw materials, pressures on freight networks, new customs regulations following Brexit together with exceptionally high demand are all adding to delivery times in an unpredictable way.

When placing an order please be understanding that lead times are not fixed. They are provided as a guide only and the time your order actually takes can vary significantly depending on many factors.

We will always deliver your order as quickly as possible however you should expect lead times to vary more than usual from the estimates shown. We do not provide compensation for delays. Prices may go up or down while your order is being processed but the price you pay is fixed at the point of order. 

Customs regulations

We are a British business and entirely based in the UK so there is no need to worry about added charges when you purchase (following Brexit) if you are a UK customer.

We import into the UK from our European brands and as such we cover any duty and tax when goods enter the country. Your order is delivered to you from our London warehouses (never direct from our suppliers).

The price you see is therefore the price you pay. All our prices include VAT for the UK.

If you purchase for delivery anywhere outside the UK then local import duty and tariffs may apply for which you would be responsible upon delivery.  

Thank you for your continued support. Stay well and safe.