Ilse Crawford is a designer, academic and creative director with a simple mission to put human needs and desires at the centre of all that she does. As founder of Studioilse, together with her multi-disciplinary, London-based team, she brings her philosophy to life. This means creating environments where humans feel comfortable; public spaces that make people feel at home and homes that are habitable and make sense for the people who live in them. It means designing furniture and products that support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life. It means restoring the human balance in brands and businesses that have lost their way.

Studioilse is behind a number of projects that have become benchmarks in their field. They worked with the Soho House Group for nearly a decade, developing the DNA across numerous brand extensions that include Cecconi’s, Babington House, Soho House New York, Cowshed and The Electric. They designed Aesop’s first retail store in London. They reimagined hospitality with Ett Hem in Stockholm and the airline lounge concept for Cathay Pacific.

As founder of the department of Man and Wellbeing at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Crawford’s mission extends to nurturing a new generation of students to always question why and how their work improves the reality of life.