Stools and Benches

Soft Edge 30 Bar Stool by Hay - haus®
Soft Edge 70 Bar Stool by Hay - haus®
Soft Edge 72 Bar Stool by Hay - haus®
Copenhague Deux CPH 215 Bench by Hay - haus®
Hven Bar Stool by Skagerak - haus®
Rocket Stool by Artek - haus®
HAL Stool by Vitra - haus®
Bar Stool by Knoll - haus®
Pirkka Bar Stool by Artek
Pirkka Bench by Artek
About an Ottoman AAL 03 by Hay
Spin Stool by Swedese
Spin Stool Colours by Swedese
Wingback Long Ottoman by Tom Dixon
Wingback Ottoman by Tom Dixon
Fan Stool by Tom Dixon
Eames Lounge Chair Ottoman by Vitra
Wire Stool KM by Pastoe
Alto Stool by Established & Sons
Step Stool by Established & Sons
Settle Bench High by Ilse Crawford
Settle Bench Low by Ilse Crawford
443 Bench by Ilse Crawford
Drift Concrete Bench by Established & Sons
Drift Bench by Established & Sons
Ulrik Stool by SCP
Ro Footstool by Fritz Hansen
441 Stool by Ilse Crawford
441 Stool Upholstered by Ilse Crawford
Egg Footstool by Fritz Hansen
Stool Three by Another Country
Mini Bench Three by Another Country
Bench Three by Another Country
Stool Four by Another Country
Bench Four by Another Country
Linear Wood Bench by Muuto
J16 Stool by Fredericia
Bench 3171 by Fredericia
Saia Bar Stool by Matthew Hilton for De La Espada
Commune Stool by Neri & Hu
Commune Bench by Neri & Hu
Beetle Stool by Gubi
Beetle Bar/Counter Stool by Gubi
Beetle Bar/Counter Chair Unupholstered by Gubi
Beetle Ottoman by Gubi
Pillo Footstool by Swedese
Uchiwa Footstool by Hay
Side Bench Two by Another Country
FH420 Heritage Footstool by Carl Hansen
Soft Edge P30 Stool by Hay
Soft Edge P70 Stool by Hay
Flying Goose Stool by Cuero
Shade Pouf by Nanimarquina
Kilim Pouf by Nanimarquina
Outline Pouf by Muuto
Pato Bar Stool Sledge Base by Fredericia
Pato Bar Stool by Fredericia
Embrace Footstool by Carl Hansen & Søn
SK7 In Between Chair by &Tradition
SK8 In Between Chair by &Tradition
SK9 In Between Chair by &Tradition
SK10 In Between Chair by &Tradition
Arnold Circus Stool by Martino Gamper
Bombo Stool – Adjustable by Magis
Bombo Stool – Fixed Height by Magis
Tibu Stool by Magis
Afteroom Stool by Menu
Afteroom Counter Stool by Menu
Afteroom Bar Stool by Menu
Afteroom Bench by Menu
Shoemaker Chair No. 49 by Form and Refine
Shoemaker Chair No. 68 by Form and Refine
Shoemaker Chair No. 78 by Form and Refine
Position Bench 155 by Form and Refine
Angle Stool by Form and Refine
A Line Storage Bench by Form and Refine
Bench Two by Another Country
Originals Counter Stool by Ercol
Originals Counter Stool with Back by Ercol