haus london New Order Shelving System - Uprights - by HAY
haus london New Order Shelving System - Uprights - by HAY

New Order Shelving System - Uprights - by HAY

New Order designed by Stefan Diez functions as a space-piding and space-creating system, while at the same time organizing the space in between. The systems' grid with up to 2 metres long shelves and trays let you build airy, open compositions or closed constructions with sliding doors and drawers. A high-precision product with exceptional properties and providing an impressive versatility.

Shelves and trays are aluminium and come in standard lengths of 34cm (for corners), 100, 150 and 200 cm.

Panels and doors can be mounted from any direction and allow simultaneous access from all sides. The high-precision engineered hinges are virtually invisible. Like the panels, the sliding doors are designed to be clicked into place without the use of tools. Available in natural or stained wood.

The option of textile covered acoustic panels reduce environmental noise and offer the opportunity to play with texture and a large variety of colours. Acoustic panels simultaneously serve as pin-boards offered in cork or an upholstered covering.

A corner module allows you to build the shelving system around a corner and even build closed formations, or a semi-closed room within a room. New Order can also be mounted on the wall.

Matching tables are built from functional aluminium profiles that are able to handle cables and acoustic panels often vital for an office environment. The tables are available in various standard sizes to fit the grid of New Order.

The Tabletops are available in natural wood, powder coated in the frame colours and in linoleum, which is soft and ideal for drawing and writing. A set of connectors expand the functionality of the tables, allowing them to directly hook onto a New Order shelf.

A family of cork accessories that perfectly sort smaller items, and brightly coloured metal piders easily lock into any required position.

For simplicity we have split the New Order system into separate listings for: '


Trays', 'Shelves', 'Uprights', 'Panels', 'Tables' and 'Accessories'. You will need to select components from each listing and add them to your Basket to specify your required arrangement.

Uprights are available as:
Single Profile Set - A set of 4 single uprights - for the 4 corners of a unit.
Double Profile Connector Set - Set of 2 connector uprights - to join multiple sections.
Corner Profile Connector - A corner Set - an inside and outside corner upright - to form a 90 degree turn.

Please contact us for further help and advice on this comprehensive system.

Aluminium powder coated

Height 33cm

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6-8 weeks currently

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